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Technological Cooperation between Zhejiang Daneng and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

In recent years, Zhejiang Daneng has fully put in place the implementation of scientific development concept, taken steps to attract more talents and vigorously implemented the development strategy of "talents invigorating the enterprise, science and technology strengthening the enterprise, brand building the enterprise and culture promoting the enterprise". Moreover, it hopes through enterprise-university cooperation, professionals from the universities and colleges can play their due roles and contribute their own strength to promote the development of the enterprise.
1.The concept of talents: the company vigorously implements the development strategy of "talents invigorating the enterprise, science and technology strengthening the enterprise, brand building the enterprise and culture promoting the enterprise". It retains talents by promising career, affections and encouraging paycheck. A sound mechanism has been established to introduce, use and retain talents. It has formed a multi-level and diversified talent echelon and cultural structure. The company strive to build a high-quality management team and forge an excellent staff group. "Attracting, using and developing talents" is the company’s human resource development strategy. In terms of talent appointment and promotion, the principle of "people-oriented and morality first" and the standard of "loyalty, sincerity and ability" will be adopted. That is to say, morality is the prime condition while ability is the next; it also means to adhere to the principle of "talents with good morality can be used; but those without morality can hardly be used".
2.An enterprise-university cooperation leading group was formed to ensure the effective operation of both sides in 2013. It was composed of the top management and major heads from various departments of the company and led by Mr. Chen, Chairman and General Manager of the company. Meanwhile, the leader team under it was also formed to analyze and study the cooperation models and methods to attract suitable talents, chart specific courses for cooperation as well as comprehensively guide and coordinate all works in the cooperation and the construction of corporate training base.
Cooperation target: to consolidate the cooperation, support and penetration between enterprises and higher institutions. Through drawing the strength from each other and sharing resources and benefits, a vital cooperation model has taken shape to realize the modernization of college education and enterprise management as well as the sustainable development of education and enterprises.
Cooperation advantages 1.Employment advantages: Against the backdrop of the financial crisis, the unemployment rate remains high. Graduation to some extent also means unemployment. To alleviate the employment pressure of graduates and improve the employment rate of higher institutions, encouraging students to actively join the field internship in enterprises during schooling period is a good way to achieve the best results. We will hold various employment guidance symposiums with colleges and universities from time to time to provide the latest employment information for students, so that they will no longer stay puzzled in their career choices. 2. Service advantages: we will provide the people-orientated service for free, and design the best internship plan for students according to their conditions and abilities as well as service requirements and etc. This will not only improve the employment rate of colleges and universities, but also pave the path to a lifelong success for students. 3. Training advantages: Based on the principle of mutual benefit, we will strengthen our cooperation with colleges and universities by fully taking advantages of both parties’ resources. Training bases, such as those for vocational skills training, can be set up in colleges and universities. In this way, the higher institutions will enjoy both economic and diversified social benefits. The company will provide free pre-job training and guidance for students, so that they can integrate into the society faster. 4. Publicity advantages: In accordance with the principle of benefit and resources sharing, enterprises and colleges/universities can promote each other. By using communication platforms and existing resources and conditions, both parties will gain more influences in the context of current employment situation. 5. Market information advantages: The basic model of "combination of production and learning with cooperation between colleges and enterprises" not only can give a full play to the advantages of both parties, but also educate skilled workers for the society and market. Therefore, it is one of the win-win models between higher institutions and enterprises.