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Straw fiber is expected to be processed for clothing.

Source: Business Community, August 23
At the recent high-level forum on climate change and low-carbon textiles, a number of experts believed that, with the development of new technologies, we can wear low-carbon clothes made of refined fiber such as from straw maybe in five years.
In the context of climate change, textile processing with fibers extracted from biological waste can not only save energy, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. One expert at the forum said, if an ordinary large-size white T-shirt for men is produced through traditional means, the carbon dioxide emissions will be 6.5kg; but if made from biomass raw materials, the carbon dioxide emissions will only be 1 / 10 of the original. Reports said that domestic experts are trying to extract fiber from agricultural wastes such as straw and Azolla which can cause water pollution, while foreign straw pre-treatment and extraction technology is maturing and a demonstration plant has been built. China is expected to make breakthroughs in 5 years and industrialize the technology in 10 years.