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Corporate Culture

Interpretation of the corporate name (Da Neng)

Da (Mighty)

1.“Da (Mighty): The heaven and the earth are mighty, so are the humanity. The mighty nature shines itself in human. In Big Seal Character, the character of Zhou Dynasty in ancient China around 3000 years ago, the character “大” was “介” which was also in the shape of a man.”——Shuowen-jiezi

It means people first (to gather talents).

2. “Mighty represents inclusive and rich.” ——The Book of Change

It means products are becoming more diversified.

3. “A day to offer sacrifices to all mighty gods”——The Book of Rites

It means god helps those who helps themselves. Daneng’s people with hard work shall dominate the printing and dyeing industry.


Neng (Power)

Meanings: capabilities, talents, skills

1.Neng (Power):the character of “能” is a hieroglyph. Its original meaning is Bear, a beast like a bear in legendary.

It means to make something bigger and stronger.

2. “ A horse with the capability to gallop for a thousand Li for a single day”——On Horses from Han Yu

It means to stand for a long period, so Daneng’s people can have a brighter future.

3. “Without any unique capabilities and skills”——The Three Commandment from Liu Zongyuan

It means to make something unique out of similarities; to make something of you own ( to make quality products).

4. “to bring out your talents”—— Xiaoya, the Book of Songs

It means to seek your own advantages and be the best of you (to build a supreme enterprise).