Zhejiang Daneng Textile Printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. ​is a modern printing and dyeing enterprise wholly owned by Macao businessmen.

Zhejiang Daneng Textile Printing and dyeing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Daneng Textile Printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. ​is a modern printing and dyeing enterprise wholly owned by Macao businessmen. The company sporit of innovative achievements of future,from professional quality business philosophy, after several years of vigorous development, has now become one the industry with the strength of printing and dyeing enterprises.


The company is located in Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang city economic development zone. 120km northeast from Shanghai, southwest50 kilometers from the city of Hangzhou, north80 km from the city of Suzhou,Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railways and highways passing through be richly endowed by nature,which has a geographical location and convenient transportation advantage.The company covers an area of 120acres,a total investment of 35000000 U.S.dollars,existing staff more than 400 people.The company has a professional technical innovative professional team and professional management team,and has international advanced dyeing equipment.The company has consistently uphold the quality first,the principle of the supremacy of users,won the industry authority and domestic and foreign customers consistent recognition and trust.In recent years,all employees in the company’s efforts,has won the “Zhejiang provincial contract Shou-credit units”, “AAA grade credit”, “green enterprises in Zhejiang province”and many other honors.The company has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, Environmental Management System certification ISO14001 ecological textile standard and Oeko-Tex Standard 100level accreditation.


Company under the dyeing,the tube with two plants,now have benn equipped with independent technology testing center and quality control center,and the introduction advanced high performance computer automatic color measurement instrument,computer automatic dropping machine,infrared temperature small prototype automated laboratory equipment.Dyeing factory has more than 50Taiwang Hongkong Lixin high temperature and high pressure dyeing manchine and normal and temperature dyeing equipment and 6 sets of the German door Fuji stereotypes manchine,with the scale of 1000 tons of dyeing.The main processing all types of knitted fabrics,such as:cotton,cotton-linen,Tencel,modal,copper ammonia fiber,bamboo fiber and kinds of blended fabrics,and various functional fabrics,such as:cool,warm,moisture absorption and perspiration,antibacterial deodorant,UV resistance and shearing,catch hair,come first on the list is the Yangtze River Delta dyeing processing unit.The tube with the existing branch italy beilini is high temperature and high pressure yarn dyeing machine 28,fast drying machine 3,2 tons of minimum maximum cylinder,cylinder3kg,with the scale of dyeing capacity of 1100 tons.Professional companies to undertake cashmere, wool, silk, polyester, cotton, hemp,viscose,polyester,blender fiber,yarn dyeing processing business and a variety of yarn fiber trade distribution business.

2004 year
4700 ton
Monthly scale dyeing capacity
120 mu
35 million
Total investment

Corporate purposes


The company spirit of “talent,do first-class quality,a first-class enterprise” purposes,in all sectors of the community concern,in the company under the joint efforts of all staff,and continuously forge ahead,and strive to build our company into a world-class textile printing and dyeing enterprises.

Zhejiang Daneng Textile Printing and dyeing Co., Ltd.