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Future spinning technology: compact spinning.

Source: Business Community, September 2
Some new technologies which served as competitors of the ring spinning technology were introduced into the spinning industry in the past. The technologies of air-jet spinning and friction spinning have been applied in certain market. For air-jet spinning technology, its rotor system successfully avoided roving and winding, which has led to a huge growth in production compared with the ring spinning technology, thus the air-jet spinning technology has occupied a considerable market share in cotton spinning market. Although the productivity of air-jet spinning system is higher than that of other ones, its other quality parameters limit its commercial application only to coarse yarn. Among all spinning technologies, the traditional ring spinning is still leading the quality standards, and continues to dominate the market of high value-added yarn market.
In the past two decades, the components of ring spinning machine have been greatly sharpened. The changes of drafting device, driving system and robot technologies have greatly improved the production efficiency, flexibility and quality. Most of the goals to enhance the ring spinning technology are to improve the performance of the existing technologies.
However, an exceptional innovation has emerged in recent years. It is called compact or concentrated spinning because it minimizes the width and height of the ring spinning triangle. According to a couple of experts, the technical principle of compact spinning makes the textile fabric better in structure without peripheral fibers and better in distortion distribution. Therefore, the fabric structure is enhanced. The technology which is recognized as a remarkable achievement has effectively improved the quality of yarn and its structural properties in downstream processing.
With the introduction of the "compact ring spinning" technology in the late 1990s, fundamental changes have been made in the field of ring spinning. In terms of all relevant quality standards, the real compact or concentrated yarn is much better than the traditional ring spinning yarn, and far leads in the standard market value. It is regarded as a revolution in the ring spinning technology. We can assert that the future belongs to compact spinning. Compact spinning technology has wide applications, which can be employed in all kinds of raw materials, blends, finished yarns and etc. There are no restrictions in this technology.